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For space travel hopefuls in NYC, the weight is over. 

Zero Gravity Corporation, or Zero-G, is giving New Yorkers an otherworldly alternative to experience weightlessness like an astronaut — or like billionaires Richard Branson, 71, and Jeff Bezos, 57 — floating by way of outer space. 

“We’re giving you the same incomparable feeling that Bezos and Branson just felt during their recent flights,” Zero-G CEO Matt Gohd, 65, instructed The Post. 

For $7,500 an individual, the space leisure and tourism company will take passengers on a 90-minute flight in a specifically modified Boeing 727-200 plane, dubbed G-Force One, later this summer time. 

The airplane, devoid of seats or furnishings, flies in 15 parabolic arcs — aerobatic maneuvers related to rollercoaster arches  — between 24,000 to 32,000-foot altitudes. The parabolas create a weightless surroundings for flyers contained in the plane’s padded 30-foot cabin. 

The Zero-Gravity experience is coming to the city to give New Yorkers a weightless, astronaut-like experience similare to that of Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos.
The Zero-Gravity experience is coming to the town to give New Yorkers a weightless, astronaut-like experience similare to that of Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos.
Steve Boxall

“Overall, passengers will experience about eight minutes of weightlessness,” Gohd mentioned, including, “That’s twice the amount of time Branson and Bezos experienced it for a fraction of the cost.”

Both tycoons spent tens of millions on their respective extraterrestrial joyrides. But Branson, who took flight on July 11, loved 5 minutes of weightlessness. And Bezos’s July 20 journey solely afforded him 4 minutes of full freedom from gravity.

Branson (left) and Bezos (right) both spent millions to spend less than 6 minutes of total weightlessness during their respective outer space excursions this year.
Branson (left) and Bezos (proper) each spent tens of millions to spend lower than 6 minutes of complete weightlessness throughout their respective outer space excursions this year.
Virgin Galactic/UPI/Shutterstock, Joe Raedle/Getty Images

“There’s literally nothing in this world like the feeling of being in no gravity,” mentioned Gohd. 

A local of Oakland, California, Gohd has overseen his staff of extremely skilled flight coaches on greater than 40 gravity-free flights across the US since leaving his job as a Wall Street funding adviser to helm Zero-G, based mostly in Virginia, two years in the past. Flight coaches shall be aboard G-force One to facilitate flyers on every weightless expedition.

“You’re flying, floating, doing somersaults and back flips in mid-air with minimal effort,” Gohd added. “It’s like magic.”

G-force One is about to take off in Westhampton on August 21. And metropolis dwellers will get their style of outer space from September 12 by way of the 18th. The experience will even be obtainable to escape-to-space lovers in Rochester on Sept. 19. 

G-Force One will be taking flight out of the New York area between August and September.
G-Force One shall be taking flight out of the New York space between August and September.
Steve Boxall

Each Zero-G flight accommodates up to 28 passengers, and people starting from ages 8 to 98 are welcome. Flyers with particular wants and extreme medical situations are additionally free to take part on the floating enjoyable, however they need to seek the advice of a healthcare skilled for permission earlier than boarding.

Big Apple adventurers shall be transported by BLADE helicopter from Manhattan to Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey, the place their anti-gravity tour will start. 

“Before the weightless experience even gets started, passengers will get a helicopter ride out of midtown to the Statue of Liberty for some aerial sight-seeing then to Newark Airport,” Gohd mentioned. 

Zero-G passengers in New York City will be treated to a special helicopter tour of the Statue of Liberty before their weightless experience begins.
Zero-G passengers in New York City shall be handled to a particular helicopter tour of the Statue of Liberty earlier than their weightless experience begins.
Steve Boxall

After present process a speedy COVID-19 take a look at and going by way of TSA safety screening, passengers will obtain their FAA-approved flight fits to be worn atop their common garments throughout the astronaut-like mission. 

Guests will even be fed a breakfast of bagels and different gentle fare as a result of it’s “important to have something neutral on your stomach before experiencing zero gravity,” Gohd famous, including that flyers usually don’t get nauseous throughout the flight. 

Then simply earlier than liftoff, vacationers will sit by way of a security orientation throughout which the Zero-G staff will clarify the “Do’s” and “Don’ts” going weightless. 

“People get very excited about being unrestrained by gravity. And we love that,” Gohd mentioned. “But it’s important not to jump or make major movements during the flight because it takes very little effort to move around the cabin.”

Flyers will get the full gravity-free experience, including eating candy that's floating in mid-air.
Flyers will get the complete gravity-free experience, together with consuming sweet and ingesting water droplets which can be floating in mid-air.
Steve Boxall

He added that folks can float from one finish of the plane to the opposite just by pushing themselves off of a wall with their forefinger.

At the time of launching, Newark Airport air site visitors management will give the G-Force One pilot coordinates to a secluded 100-mile airspace the place the airplane can fly with out interrupting any business flights. 

Once at altitude, visitors will experience various ranges of decreased gravity, together with the completely different sensations of weightlessness on Mars, the moon and within the cosmos. 

“When we reach the altitude that mimics the gravity level of Mars, you feel about one-third your bodyweight,” Gohd mentioned. “On the moon, you’ll feel about one-sixth your bodyweight.”

Then there’s complete weightlessness. 

“Once you’re absolutely untethered by gravity, you can’t tell the difference between the floor and the ceiling. It’s incredible,” Gohd gushed. “You don’t even feel dizzy or lightheaded because blood isn’t rushing to your head like it would if you were hanging upside on Earth.”

G-Force One passengers will experience the varying gravity levels on Mars, the moon and in free space.
G-Force One passengers will experience the various gravity ranges on Mars, the moon and in free space.
Steve Boxall

While levitating within the sky like NASA’s most interesting, passengers of G-Force One can have the possibility to eat skittles and drink water droplets which can be suspended in mid-air, showcase your acrobatic expertise by doing floating flips and achieve bragging rights that’ll final a lifetime. 

Professional footage and GoPro digicam footage of the experience shall be obtainable to visitors inside 72 hours of every flight. 

“It’s a bucket list experience that everyone absolutely loves,” Gohd mentioned, including that Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin, 91, businesswoman Martha Stewart, 79, and late science big Stephen Hawking, who died in 2018 at 76, have all participated within the Zero-G experience.    

“Anybody can do it,” Gohd added. “All you need is the dream of being an astronaut.”


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