Trip to Comerica completes bucket list for former Southgate official, 94


“Take me out to the ball game; take me out with the crowd.”

It’s the beginning lyrics to what has become the official national anthem of North American baseball, and it’s also music to Anna Renaud’s ears.

Renaud, a fixture of Southgate politics who has put in park benches, fixed playing fields and made donations galore, is a die-hard fan of all things Detroit Tigers baseball.

A member of the Southgate City Council for 16 years, Renaud has given the city her best and for all that she has done, some of the people closest to her decided to throw her a bit of a curve ball and do something special for her.

Photo courtesy of Patricia AbramczykOne of the highlights of Anna Renaud’s recent trip to Comerica Park was meeting and taking a picture with former Tiger Craig “C. Mo” Monroe. Renaud is a former Southgate city councilwoman.

Approaching her 95th birthday, Renaud has been to more baseball games at Tiger Stadium than she can count, but she’s never been back since it’s been transformed and named Comerica Park.

Those close friends tried to get her to a game last year, but baseball was a swing and a miss due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the plans for the birthday outing fell through.

They were determined not to strike out this year.

It was the one and only unaccomplished outing on her “bucket list” of things to see and do.

In honor of her 95th birthday, which actually is Aug. 13, Renaud  got to hear a rendition of the traditional ball game song from her own seat inside Comerica Park recently.

“They took me out to the ball game,” Renaud said laughing.

Photo courtesy of Patricia AbramczykWhen Anna Renaud, former longtime Southgate city councilwoman, visited Comerica Park recently, she wore a special 1945 World Championship hat. It was given to her by a close friend.

She went with a group of seven close friends that she has self-appointed as additional members of her family.

Patricia Abramczyk led the effort to get her there.

“She adopted me as her granddaughter,” Abramczyk said.

She also said the former councilwoman has done just about everything, and been just about everywhere, this was the only thing she had yet to do.

Renaud and her “extended family,” which includes Abramczyk’s husband and their children, all wore matching shirts.

She also wore a 1995 World Championship Detroit Tigers hat, given to her by a close friend.

Little did Renaud know that she was in for the royal treatment — Detroit Tigers style.

She was made to feel like she was as much a star as anyone in the Tigers lineup.

One of the unexpected highlights of the day was Renaud being interviewed and featured on the stadium’s Jumbotron.

She said that in itself was a thrill, getting cheers from the entire stadium.

There was even more to come.

Renaud has been a fan of the Tigers since the only way to keep up with the games was to listen to them on the radio.

Years went by and she was watching in the early 2000s when former player Craig “C. Mo” Monroe was knocking baseballs out of the park.

Photo courtesy of Patricia AbramczykTaking a picture with the Statue of Liberty, Detroit Tigers style, is former Southgate City Councilwoman Anna Renaud. She missed a trip to the park last year because of the COVID-19 pandemic and went this year in honor of her upcoming 95th birthday.

Now that Monroe has retired and is calling games as an analyst and color commentator, she appreciates his importance to the Tigers.

She now knows that he appreciates her, too, as a long-time fan of the team.

Another highlight of her belated/anticipated birthday outing was getting a few moments to meet with Monroe and take a picture with the former Tiger.

Renaud was all smiles as Monroe leaned in to get a picture with the celebrity of the day.

The Tigers showed her a lot of love, prepared with a certificate that had her name on it welcoming her to her first game at the park.

Photo courtesy of Patricia AbramczykAnna Renaud shows off the certificate she receives recognizing her first trip to Comerica Park in Detroit.

Since she was actually in the stadium for this game, she said treating herself was a must.

“I had to have a hot dog,” she said. “I don’t care for them that much, but you have to have one at the game.”

Abramczyk said Renaud takes her baseball quite seriously, noting that she never misses watching a game on television — even when there is a double header.

And, she doesn’t let anyone come between her and watching the team.

While she waited through COVID-19 canceled games to experience the new and improved stadium, it appears the organization welcomed the opportunity to take visiting the park off of her bucket list.

It proved to be the perfect day with maybe one exception — Renaud had her heart set on reuniting with Alan Trammell, former Tiger shortstop and current  special assistant to the general manager.

On her first trip to Comerica Park, Anna Renaud stopped to tape a picture with Mickey Mouse.

She met him years ago at a game and had her heart set on seeing him at this game, too.

Renaud was good friends with former Tiger pitcher and Southgate resident Steve Avery’s grandmother.

She takes pride in telling the story of how the two of them went to a Tigers game and after meeting Trammell she introduced him to Avery’s grandmother.

While they only met briefly, the fan in Renaud is convinced Trammell not only remembers her, but is sorry he missed an opportunity to make her birthday a grand slam.





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