The 15 Deadliest Hikes in the World


We’re looking at these photos through covered eyes.

Make no mistake–hiking isn’t all family fun and picnics. Some routes are downright daring. Scaling rusty iron rungs, avoiding bears and stray landmines, battling your physiological need for oxygen at high altitude, and brazenly disregarding heights as you navigate narrow footpaths just one footstep from freefall can all be part of the experience.

Your average adrenaline junkie typically gravitates to a more technically challenging outdoor sport, like white water rafting, climbing, or for the boldest adventurers, free-soloing. But thrill-seekers craving that rush needn’t spend years and thousands of dollars honing a new skill. Instead, just hike one of these vertigo-inducing, high-consequence “walks.” Ranging from a quick two-mile morning jaunt to a staggering eight-day minimum trek these exhilarating and bucket list-worthy hikes can be completed without any technical training whatsoever. Allowing you to tip your hat at danger, without putting life (and limb) at serious risk.

Disclaimer: Although these 15 hikes are completely legal and their paths well-trodden, you should be in decent physical shape and without a fear of heights to take them on.


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