Study Finds Americans Ready for Bucket List Vacations


A new study found the majority of Americans plan to jump back into travel with a bucket list vacation they would not have considered before the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to a new survey conducted by Hilton, 64 percent of Americans said they are in desperate need of a vacation, especially since 26 percent have not taken a trip in over a year.


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Reopening from COVID-19

Domestic travel remains a focus as people cautiously return to the road, with 57 percent of respondents said they would be more comfortable traveling within the United States for their first post-pandemic vacation.

The top U.S. cities Americans plan to visit include Honolulu (29 percent), New York City (25 percent), Las Vegas (24 percent), Los Angeles (21 percent) and Miami and New Orleans (both at 20 percent).

As for tourists ready to travel internationally, European countries topped the wish list, with Italy being the most popular destination at 26 percent, followed closely by United Kingdom (24 percent), France (20 percent) and Greece (18 percent).

“The results show both international and domestic destinations are at the top of Americans’ wish lists for their next vacation,” Hilton’s Jenna Hackett said. “It’s no surprise 30 percent strongly agree they will book a dream vacation that they normally wouldn’t have considered – our guests are looking for those authentic, one-of-a-kind experiences, especially after more than a year without making travel memories.”

Travelers are also looking to reconnect with friends and family, with 27 percent of respondents plan to visit someone they haven’t seen during the pandemic. Another 38 percent said spending quality time with friends and family is one of the top things they miss about traveling.

Americans are also looking to make up for lost time, with 59 percent staying at their destination longer, 46 percent traveling further than they previously would have and 55 percent said they plan to spend more than they usually would on their next trip.

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