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JASPER, Tennessee (WDEF)- Many people, when they think of going skydiving they are thinking of a tandem jump.

Although that’s an option Chattanooga Skydiving Company has a school training program for people to jump solo and get licensed.

“I think you know when you want to be a skydiver after you do your first hand. I think it’s pretty cut and dry either it’s a bucket list thing or you wanna make it your life,” said Logan Carr.

“Don’t know when you get done with a tandem skydive whether or not you want to do this again and again and again. I know I did. I was pretty well determined. So it starts with determination,” said Jeremiah Curea.

Chattanooga Skydiving Company AFF program teaches people how to skydiving on their own. As you can imagine the education starts on the ground. 

“Training on the ground is very pertinent. If the training on the ground isn’t correct we’re not going up in an airplane. Everything has to be 100% on the ground before we go,” said Carr.

“These are techniques that have been used for many years. There’s no secret to it. You know it’s ground school, it’s mechanical devices. We show you how it works, what doesn’t work, what do you expect, and what to do if,” said Justin Silvia.

After training is done on the ground the students take to the air with instructors.

“And then you’ll jump into instructors accompanying you, hanging onto you. You’ll be wearing your own parachute and freefall from 14,000 feet on your first jump,” said Silvia.

“I start teaching them flying skills. How a fly with other people, relative to them in freefall. We start dialing in more canopy skills and we start teaching them how to have fun and be a solo skydiver where we very slowly start taking the training wheels off of them and teach them how to get out there and have fun on their own,” said Curea.

25 jumps are required to obtain your “A” license and Michael Scherzer is a graduate of the program and now it’s given him a career. 

“I was out here two months ago learning and now I’m working in the career field. Not to make a reference because we’re not doing illegal activities but it’s a lot like a Point Break. It’s a bunch of really cool interesting people from all over the world that you get to meet,” said Michael Scherzer.

It’s not quite the movie Point Break though as safety measures do need to be taken. 

O”bviously, we can’t communicate in freefall We use a series of hand signals. It’s not like Point Break. We can’t just yell at you to pull,” said Carr.

“It’s a challenge, it’s never-ending learning. You’re always learning something,” said Curea.


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