Rugland: Summer full of fun is not wasted time


Another glorious summer is winding down. Just like most kids in this region, my children have returned to school. This makes it feel like summer is already over even though fall doesn’t officially begin until Sept. 22.

The weekend before my kids started back at school, my daughter Amaya had a moment of panic as she thought about all the things she still had left on her summer bucket list. I calmly reminded her of several things we had indeed done this summer, then asked what else she had hoped to still do. Her list was pretty simple. It included going on a family bike ride, having a family movie night and playing catch once more. My son Max added that he’d like to go swimming in a nearby lake.

Their items weren’t big things, they all seemed quite doable. In fact, we actually accomplished with ease all four of the activities in the weekend before school started. This made Amaya and Max feel more satisfied with their summer and a little more eager to return to school.

I know exactly where Amaya gets this anxious personality trait from. At the end of every summer, I often have these same feelings of “did we do enough?” and “what DID we do with our time?” as all three months blend together in a blur. I take pictures of as many moments, big or small, as I can and I try to keep a simple journal, jotting down what we did each day to help me remember. When I look back, I always see we made good use of our time. But summer slips by in a flash, so it’s easy to forget the small stuff. I mean for goodness sakes, sometimes on Monday morning I can’t recall what I did on Saturday, let alone the previous month! So I need help to remember.


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