Martin Kemp backs anti-fraud campaign after pal was conned out of £70k


Martin Kemp has thrown his support behind anti-fraud campaign after one of his close friends lost £70,000 to scammers. The star admits he’s also lost money to con artists and he’s hoping for a major crackdown

Martin Kemp has thrown his support behind anti-fraud campaign after one of his close friends lost £70,000 to scammers. The star admits he's also lost money to con artists and he's hoping for a major crackdown
Martin Kemp has thrown his support behind anti-fraud campaign after one of his close friends lost £70,000 to scammers. The star admits he’s also lost money to con artists and he’s hoping for a major crackdown

There’s a reason Martin Kemp has had a successful career in the entertainment industry for 40 years. As well as his undisputed talent, it soon becomes clear when we chat to him that he’s one of the nicest guys in the business.

So it’s a joy that the Spandau Ballet musician is still a fixture on our screens. He’s just finished filming Celebrity Gogglebox with son Roman, 28, and over the weekends the duo are back for magazine show Martin & Roman’s Weekend Best!.

The 59-year-old tells us he “loves” working with his Capital FM DJ son, who he shares with wife Shirlie Holliman, 59.

Here, the presenter, who is also dad to daughter Harley Moon, 31, tells us about his career highlight and what makes him well up…

Martin Kemp has backed an anti-fraud campaign after one of his friends was conned out of £70,000


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You have such a close relationship with Roman, but do you ever bicker?

I’m not an argumentative person so we don’t, no. I just say yes to Ro. No, we don’t really fall out and I don’t fall out with anyone in my life – I’ve learnt those lessons in the past. I’m too old for that.

He says you well up at quite a lot of stuff. What are the things that make you cry?

Everything! The thing that makes me the most upset is people having success. If I see that on television, it makes me well up more than something sad.

When I’m watching a drama, most of the time it goes through my brain that it’s an actor who is on set in that film, and I understand they’re reading off a script. But when I see real success on the news, that really gets me, because you understand what people have gone through to get there.

Has the last year given you more family time?

Of course. But I’ve been really lucky and have worked a lot this year. It seems to have been one of my busiest years for a long time, which is the reason I’ve felt sorry for young people over lockdown – I know how much you need the social side of work.

You’ve had a long and varied career. What has been your highlight?

One big memory I have is Live Aid on 13 July 1985 – that’s got to be one of the biggies. Just being part of it. Most things that are historical are only seen as historical in retrospect, but that day everybody knew it was going to last forever and that it was a historical moment we were creating.

Martin has opened up about his life in a candid new chat


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Bassist Martin Kemp performing with Spandau Ballet


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What’s on your bucket list?

To one day go up in a Spitfire. I did a programme once where I was flying Second World War aeroplanes and I loved that. But I never got to do a Spitfire, so that’s on my list.

Why did you decide to get involved in Visa’s How You Pay Matters fraud campaign?

Recently, a friend of mine lost a lot of money through fraud that was going around online.

It’s a close family friend who is intelligent and articulate, and she still got scammed.

She lost 70 grand. So after that experience, and my own experiences of being targeted by scammers, I want to spread the word that what we should be doing is telling other people about it and reporting all attempts.

We’ve become so accustomed to it that we’re not doing that any more. So I have teamed up with Visa to raise awareness of protections in place, such as Visa’s Zero Liability Policy, which means you won’t be left out of pocket if your Visa debit or credit card is used fraudulently.

Martin Kemp has teamed up with Visa to encourage people to report fraud, have more open conversations and raise awareness of the protections in place such as Visa’s Zero Liability Policy. Find out more about Visa’s protections by visiting visa.co.uk/how-you-pay-matters.html

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