LEE WARD: Not kicking bucket list


While I agree it’s maybe a good idea, I have never had much of a bucket list.

I’d never heard of a bucket list, until the movie “The Bucket List” came along. I don’t know if the concept was made up for the movie or if people have been making such life plans for decades.

The website is devoted to outlining a variety of bucket list ideas.

The woman in charge of the site shares her own bucket list, which includes air boat across an alligator-infested waters, hold a shark, walk on hot coals, wrap a snake around her neck and eat fire. I’m not sure anyone should be listening to the advice of someone whose life goals include eating fire and holding a shark. She sounds more suicidal than goal driven.

Seems like you should come up with your own bucket list, anyway. It seems as though many do.

On online survey found the most popular bucket list items are:

• Change someone’s life for the better — 52%.

• Get to my ideal weight — 47%.

• Go on a safari — 45%.

• Ride a hot air balloon — 45%.

• See the Northern Lights — 45%.

• Go to the Super Bowl — 43%.

• Swim with dolphins — 39%.

• Travel through Europe —- 38%.

All these items are valid, especially changing someone’s life for the better. But I hope I’ve already done that and I hope I’ll do it many more times.

Who doesn’t want to get to their ideal weight? That’s likely the one most of us won’t achieve, depending on how old we are.

I’m sports illiterate, so I could easily pass on attending the Super Bowl.

I’d love to see the Northern Lights, and I’ve been to England, but there are plenty of other European countries I’d like to see. I could spend years enjoying traveling Europe.

As for the hot air balloon, well, I’d like to in theory, but I wonder if I’d freak out when I looked down and saw the only thing between me and a 1,000-foot drop is a wicker floor. In fact, I might freak out on a safari, especially if I saw a giant snake.

I only hope I’m not such a chicken I’d freak out about being in water with dolphins.

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