Ira Khan talks about sex education & body care, adds ‘Be curious’ to her ‘Pinky Promise


On Thursday evening, Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira Khan, took to her Instagram space to make another addition to her ‘Pinky Promise to Me’ list. The star kid has always been vocal about mental health and self-care. Now, in her latest post, Ira spoke about the knowledge that her mother Reena Dutta imparted on her as she grew up. In addition to it, Ira Khan also urged her followers to ‘be curious’ when it comes to knowing one’s body.

In her Instagram story, Ira articulated, “I don’t think I’ve ever looked at myself entirely before. My mom gave me a sexual education book when I hit puberty and it had asked me to look at myself with a mirror. But I didn’t get around to doing it. But body has also changed so much in general. I have a long way to go”. This came just a day after Ira opined “Stepping out of your comfort zone doesn”t always feel great, and sometimes it doesn’t feel like anything at all. You feel like it was anticlimactic. But it’s not supposed to be life changing. Most of the time…it’s a little step. And at the end of the day… it’s the little things. Right?” 

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On Wednesday, the star Kid planned a series of activities under her foundation, namely Agatsu. Labelling her bucket list as ‘Pinky Promise to Me’, Ira went on to share how emotional she gets while talking to her mother about certain things. Ira said, “I also talked to my mom about how I felt. And things that I usually have to type out because I cry too much to have these conversations in person”. Aamir Khan and his former wife Reena Dutta have two children – Junaid and Ira Khan.

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