Downtown Hamilton hosts Daly Days Friday and Saturday


Then the races will commence, with stadium seating provided by the Ravalli County Fairgrounds.

“If you’ve never seen it before you gotta check it out,” Kilian said. “It’s a bucket list item for sure. Some dogs come down to the track in full regalia like professional wrestlers.”

Contestants can download a form from the Hamilton Downtown Association Facebook page and submit it in advance at the HDA office, 217 Main St.

Right after Weiner Dog races is the newest event, the Main Street “Bike, Bat, Board” Mini Triathlon.

Kilian described the event as “hilarious.”

The competition happens in “heats” or several rounds to determine finalists. Contestants compete against each other by racing up the Weiner dog track atop a tiny child-sized bike, then spinning around many times with their forehead touching a baseball bat and running back to the start. Then with their belly on a skateboard, the contestants “swim” to the finish line.

“This is first this year, but we did some dry runs at the Grizzly Broadband Customer Appreciation Day and the results were hilarious,” Kilian said. “This year’s Daly Days is sure to be the crown jewel of the big weekend’s events. I’ll post a video showing the contest on the Facebook page.”

Sign up for the few remaining vendor slots, the “Weiner Dog Races” and the “Bike, Bat, Board” Mini Triathlon through the HDA website on the Event section where it says “Daly Days” at


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