5 Bizarre Food Museums Across The World That You Must Visit


New Delhi: Are you a foodie? Does food excite you? Well then, in that case, you have landed at the right article. Since you have already read the headline, you clearly know what we are talking about here. Yes, the unusual food museums across the globe that you must add to your travel bucket list!Also Read – Royal Enfield Classic 350, Bullet 350, Meteor 350, Himalayan, Continental GT 650, Interceptor 650: Domestic Sales Fall 18 Per Cent in August 2021

Ever visited any food museum before? If not, here we have a curated a list of some of the most interesting yet bizarre food museums across the places that you can plan to visit on your next trip. Check them out here and get ready to be blown away! Also Read – Breaking: India Makes RT-PCR Test Must For Passengers From 7 More Countries Amid New Strain Fear

5 Bizarre Food Museums Across The World You Can Add to Your Travel Bucket List

Disgusting Food Museum In Sweden

This one in our list definitely takes the cake for such a click-baity name! As the name suggests, this one-of-a-kind museum in Sweden features 80 of the world’s most disgusting dishes. Yes, you heard us right! Here, visitors will be able to see, smell and even taste some of the unusual food. Sounds interesting now, right? Well, from Italy’s live maggot filled cheese, China’s wine filled with baby mice to Guam’s spicy rabbit heads, you will be spoilt for choice. The best part? You will be handed tickets to this museum that are printed on barf bags to give you an outlet. Planning to visit this one? Also Read – Sidharth Shukla Fan Cries Outside His Residence, Says ‘SidNaaz Will Never Die, Hum Zinda Rakheinge’

Fries Museum, Belgium

Love french fries? If yes, then you’d absolutely love this out-of-the-box museum too! Belgium has an entire museum dedicated to fries. Called the Frietmuseum, it is the first and only museum in the world that pays tribute to potato fries. For the uninitiated, this was founded in 2008 by Eddy Van Belle and traces the history of the fry from Andean potatoes to hot Pommes Frites. Interestingly, this unusual museum is housed inside Medieval city’s oldest building. Good news is that this museum also houses a separate area open for sampling and snacking. Yay!

Dessert Museum, Philippines

Many of us would have dreamt of a museum of desserts in our childhood and well, that does exist IRL too now! The 12,000 sq feet Dessert Museum in the Philippines has 12 deliciously decorated rooms promising you an experience that satiates all your sweet cravings. The museum consists of a donut room filled with Homer’s favoured pink icing doughnuts, fluffy Cotton Candy Room, vibrant Bubblegum Room, Tea Party room and much more.  This will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

The Museum Of Celebrity Leftovers, England

Do you know how did this weird food museum come into existence? One day, a celebrity photographer, David Bailey visited the cafe to eat a sandwich. After he left, an English couple, Michael and Francesca Bennett discovered his leftover sandwich. Subsequently, they decided to preserve his leftover, and thus the Museum of Celebrity Leftovers came into being. Today, visitors can witness Prince Charles’s tiny crust of bread pudding, actress Mia Wasikowska’s wedge of zucchini, retired BBC weatherman Craig Rich’s pasty crust, to name a few of the 20 artefacts in this Old Boat Store Café in England. Visit it for the experience!

Cup Noodles Museum, Japan

For many of us, noodles is not just a food but a feeling- an emotion! Eating noodles on a rainy evening, at a hill top or in college canteens, noodles continues to be a significant part of our lives. And what better than being able to visit a museum dedicated entirely to cup noodles? Japan is home to the Cup Noodles Museum. This museum pays ode to Momofuku Ando, the inventor of the world’s first instant noodles in 1958. Being one of the most interesting museums in the world, here visitors can take a stroll along the Instant Ramen Tunnel filled with noodle packages from across the world. You can also make your own cup noodles from scratch by adding a variety of flavoursome toppings here. Sounds fun right?

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